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Naslund Motorsports | Logo & Branding Concept Design

Kart Branding & Logo Design

  • Naslund Motorsports | Sean Naslund out of Western Washington owner/operator of a team of karts occupying PGP Motorsports Park came to Bucsko Design for their branding needs. The team has sponsored many events and functions but most proudly back the Seattle Childrens Hospital Karting Challenge. To date almost $50,000 has been raised for the cause. They are a prominent group in the Greater Puget Sound Region and have backed many community events

  • Bucsko Design was asked to brand the Naslund Racing Team and give an iconic feel to the racing aspect of the design… low and behold, a vision was born. While accomplishing the font and color scheme immediately, the idea of replacing the “A” with the Iconic Tachometer came days into the project after several failed attempts. The original design did not go as planned, while neither the feel of the tach with its rough, hard and straight-line edges nor the shadowing… just did not satisfy the client, thus leading to our final change of… “rounded corners.” The Smooth as a baby’s bottom feel emerged and our final concept and designs were born. With Naslund Motorsports excited to sport their new brand Bucsko Design & Logo released the final art board on May 23rd 2011.

    Naslund Motorsports Logo & Branding Design

    Naslund Motorsports Logo & Branding Design

  • Final Logo | Branding Design completed on May 23rd, 2011 | by: RJ Bucsko | Bucsko Design & Logo

  • Naslund Mens T-Shirt with arm branding and sleeve icon | bold and prominent logo on the chest
  • Naslund Motorsports Womens T-Shirt Design | Logo on chest
  • Naslund Motorsports Team Pit Crew Short Sleeve Button Front | Logo displayed on right arm sleeve | Iconic Tachometer


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