How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

In 2011, LinkedIn’s 150 million members conducted more than 4 billion professional searches. The network boasts executive profiles from all Fortune 500 companies, and adds new members at a rate of more than 2 per second. What’s more, if you’ve ever faced an executive gatekeeper, social networks like LinkedIn bypass them directly, since connection requests and direct messages go right to the member. Clearly, LinkedIn is a platform that cannot be ignored.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, optimize the following key sections of your profile:

Basic Information

Your basic information includes your name, photograph, location, industry, and most importantly, your professional headline. This section shows at the top of your profile page. The headline is your first chance to make an impression, in under 140 characters. You have an opportunity to include more than just your “official” title — so carefully craft a headline with keywords that are important to your industry.

For example, your headline could read “Helping homeowners in the tri-county region market their home online,” instead of “real estate salesperson.” Big difference.

Summary And Specialties

After Basic Information are the Summary and Specialties sections. The Summary is like an expanded personal biography, so again, use keywords and keyphrases that would help me get to know your background better. Below this section are your Specialties, another area to list your keywords and keyphrases.

Job Titles And Descriptions

Moving down the profile are your Job Titles and Descriptions. Consider listing all positions you’ve had — you never know how a connection could be made. Include relevant keywords and keyphrases for each.

Add Connections

We’re doing all this profile prework so we have the most complete information possible when networking with other professionals.

To find new connections, use the advanced search function, in the top right hand section, and search by job titles, companies and geographic locations. You can also search for groups to join.

LinkedIn also gives you an option to import your email contacts, which will send everyone a default connection request. However, if you send them individually, and customize your message, you’ll get a better response (and more connections). So find common ground, such as a shared company or group, or as alumni of a school or college.

Don’t forget to your 1st level connections for their connections. With LinkedIn, you truly are only a step or two away from connecting with potential clients, recruiters, and the link. But always ask for an introduction!

Finally, update your status message often — daily if possible. Remember, LinkedIn regularly sends out network summary emails with activity (yet another chance to pick up more connections).

If you follow these simple LinkedIn optimization steps, you’ll be well on your way to fruitful connections, new clients and more influence over your personal brand.

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How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

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Naslund Motorsports | Logo & Branding Concept Design

Kart Branding & Logo Design

  • Naslund Motorsports | Sean Naslund out of Western Washington owner/operator of a team of karts occupying PGP Motorsports Park came to Bucsko Design for their branding needs. The team has sponsored many events and functions but most proudly back the Seattle Childrens Hospital Karting Challenge. To date almost $50,000 has been raised for the cause. They are a prominent group in the Greater Puget Sound Region and have backed many community events

  • Bucsko Design was asked to brand the Naslund Racing Team and give an iconic feel to the racing aspect of the design… low and behold, a vision was born. While accomplishing the font and color scheme immediately, the idea of replacing the “A” with the Iconic Tachometer came days into the project after several failed attempts. The original design did not go as planned, while neither the feel of the tach with its rough, hard and straight-line edges nor the shadowing… just did not satisfy the client, thus leading to our final change of… “rounded corners.” The Smooth as a baby’s bottom feel emerged and our final concept and designs were born. With Naslund Motorsports excited to sport their new brand Bucsko Design & Logo released the final art board on May 23rd 2011.

    Naslund Motorsports Logo & Branding Design

    Naslund Motorsports Logo & Branding Design

  • Final Logo | Branding Design completed on May 23rd, 2011 | by: RJ Bucsko | Bucsko Design & Logo

  • Naslund Mens T-Shirt with arm branding and sleeve icon | bold and prominent logo on the chest
  • Naslund Motorsports Womens T-Shirt Design | Logo on chest
  • Naslund Motorsports Team Pit Crew Short Sleeve Button Front | Logo displayed on right arm sleeve | Iconic Tachometer


M&M’s… Not What You Think!


Make More Sales

M&M’s are usually a color coated, sweet shelled, melt in your mouth not in your hands candy… but today they are the start of a 10 step series I have put together over the past 15 years while in various sales, manager and owner positions throughout my career.

M&M’s = Master More Sales | 10 Steps to help your business sale in lean times

Step #1 – “Know thy customer”

As we all know in the sales world we almost never make the sale in the first, nor in the second attempt (of course depending on the business such as: retail stores) but for the most part it has become essential to create, keep and maintain an open line of communication. In the old days it was 21 day files, follow-up sheets, cold calls and thank you letters. Today it is the High Speed Informational Highway of Facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn and the thousand others we could mention. If you aren’t connected socially with your clients… it’s your own darn fault, the tools are there, you just have to implement them and quit procrastinating the fact.

With so much information at your fingertips one should know the in’s and outs of their clients… if you don’t know how, partner up with an office veteran that does, watch a youtube video tutorial but do something. Understand what you’re selling. Does a car salesman not know what engine, features or safety facts each car on the lot has? Of course they do as it builds confidence and trust that you are looking out for the clients best interest in all aspects and not just their pocketbooks. Play through different scenario’s or watch how other sales people in the office handle their situations… you can only utilize  experience if it’s actual gained knowledge no matter how it’s acquired. Don’t be afraid to roundtable and meet daily as a whole, group ideas through discussion can generate more possible marketing strategies in one day than one can accomplish in a month by themselves (that’s a 30:1 odds difference).

None of this works though if you do not create a daily repetition that assures consistent, successful and directed contact towards the main priority… “The Sale”

There is nothing wrong with the old ways and must be integrated into daily use with new technology to be effective… 21 days files should now be a desktop organizer/calendar, follow-up sheets should be done via blogs, eBlast, email marketing, re-tweets and Facebook interaction to name a few. Your cold calls should not be cold at all… with as much information and interaction you can do with your clients online, this should make calling them a breeze (you can always find something helpful to offer to generate a call to a client, just be personable), and lastly… keeping this M&M’s performance tool sheet by Bucsko Design & Logo close by to utilize future sales building prowess and knowledge to Master More Sales.

What to expect in the next 9 Blogs of M&M’s:

#2: 10 Guidelines for Success

#3: 10 Codes of  Sales

#4: How to spot the Buyer

#5: 7 steps to successful follow-up

#6: Utilizing Social Media to Boost Sales

#7: My 3 most Potent Sales/Marketing Strategies

#8: Do they trust you? Probably not, but I can show you how in 24hrs

#9: All that work… now make them feel obligated, you’re worth it!

#10: No more talk… Master More Sales


Connecting your WordPress Blog with Windows Live


Written by: RJ Bucsko – Bucsko Design & Logo

Have you tried to share all your Blog updates and posting information all in one spot, only to be disappointed in the end result? Now you can easily share that information, posts, updates from your blog and keep your readers posted with a click of the button all in one spot.

Download your Free version of Windows Live 2011 and make sure to download the extra features which include Windows Live Writer… with Live Writer you can not only coordinate your connections through your Windows Account but also your social media accounts, online photo gallery plus type your Blog write from your email account (heck the Live Writer also looks like your Blog page so you can see “live” the update you’re creating and how it will actually look) see the image below.


For a small business that doesn’t have a lot of time this is a key element to not only save you time, but allows you as a business owner to spend more time on the important aspects of your business and not the mundane re-post from several different media sites. For example, when I am done typing, editing, reviewing and then post this single blog from my Windows Live Account… it will go to the following places with one click of the button.

Get all your social updates in one place. Select from services that let you share what you’ve been doing on other websites, see your friends and their updates from other services in Windows Live, or share your Windows Live activity on other websites. Hope this quick and verbal tutorial helps ease and satisfy the workload we small business owners face each and everyday. Visit my website at Bucsko Design & Logo for more tips and tricks of the trade to help your small business succeed. (This post was made from Windows Live Writer on Split Screen with WordPress for tutorial purposes and was shared with linked social media accounts).

Express yourself with a blog.

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Blog Effective

Bucsko Design & Logo of Lake Chelan Washington Blog Effective by: Bucsko Design & Logo

Funny to start a new blog about the effectiveness of blogging when I have actually never done it myself. My father use to tell me… “before you ever marry a woman, you should live with her first to make sure she is the one” and that analogy rings true here as well. I have watched, read, researched and compiled many studies of various blogs for years now. I feel, I have lived with the blog idea long enough… to now turn it into a reality.

1) Be yourself: Followers do not want to read something they have seen a hundred times before, make it your own, make it unique and make it your experience.

2) Blog short: Keep your post simple, short and clean so a user-friendly aspect can take affect on your readers and future followers.

3) Remember why: What is the purpose of your blog, what is the meaning of your morals and always keep the focus towards the original platform (do not stray)

4) Networking: Constantly keep your readers close and personalize yourself with the followers you have. This is the most simple form of networking made easy, plus this adds to  the worth of your work as a source of information in a certain field or on a particular subject.

5) Credibility: Gaining credibility will be the hardest part as you need to spend much time on your research and writing to make a solid backing to who you are and what you stand for as far as beliefs and opinions matter. This can take years for someone not as persistent as others, but must be built over time no matter what background, credentials or educational knowledge one may have. If your readers do not agree with you, you will have no “credibility” what-so-ever.

Author: RJ Bucsko | Bucsko Design | | Lake Chelan, Washington | web design | logo design | packaging graphics | identity branding | print graphics | stationary


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